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EVERY BUYER IS ENTITLED TO A SPDS By K. Michelle Lind Every buyer should receive a Seller s Property Disclosure Statement SPDS. Despite the forgoing some sellers still refuse to provide a SPDS. If a listing states that a SPDS is not available or will not be provided a buyer s broker should nonetheless advise the buyer to request the SPDS in the offer. The seller can respond to the offer requesting a SPDS with a counter offer that a SPDS will not be provided. However before the buyer accepts...
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Hey guys cat person here i am on the private climb team of my home group and i just wanted to just bring up a topic really quick and excuse me first of all if I mess with my computer I'm supposed to be in a webinar so either way I wanted to discuss a topic real quick and if this is something that I continuously keep running into for whatever reason who knows and I had a client asked me about it the other day and I just wanted to just briefly discuss my opinion on it somebody agrees them not either way I'm gonna give it to you straight about it and how I feel about it and this is regarding the spuds and for those of you that are not familiar with what that is that is the cell of property disclosure statement now whether you're a first time homebuyer or you you're a frequent homebuyer the average consumer is not an Arizona real-estate expert okay there are many vital components that can easily be missed or disregarded that can potentially lead to disaster and now one of the common mistakes that I often see is the buyers waiving the seller's property disclosure a que the spots now Arizona first-time homebuyers this this disclosure should be given to you within five days of acceptance of contract okay and this document requires a seller to keep it real now the seller is required to disclose any material latent defect that could adversely potentially personally affect your consideration on purchasing the home now as a Arizona real-estate agent I see more and more sellers refusing to complete the sellers property disclosure simply based on the fact that they've never occupied the home during the duration that they owned it now my reply to this honestly it's bullshit okay so is this red flag hmm probably not now in most cases there isn't a homeowner in the world that doesn't know at least one thing about the whole nail now you plan to purchase the home that was a previous investment property or sitting vacant it may be difficult for the homeowner to know every single fact of lytton or Layton material defect you know of the home but either way that should be disclosed you know hey is the mailbox cluster standalone is there HOA transfer fees does the is the home septic or sewer you know but most importantly is the property located in an unincorporated area is the seller a non-resident and possibly pursuant to investment foreign taxes are there any age restrictions in the community does the home have tenants you know or an agreement to transfer interest in the property anyway they are also more than likely to be aware of they have any assessments or litigations or means that may affect the property now don't get me wrong even if the seller doesn't know all the ins and outs of the home this should be specified in the explanation section of a document but instead many of these sellers are disregarding the disclosure altogether you know as a homebuyer you have the right to request this disclosure okay now your real estate agent should always advise you to...